Customs services

The processes and measures required to adhere to customs, excise, and VAT regulations are undergoing a continuous and rapidly evolving transformation in terms of both substance and technology.

Consequently, customs procedures today bear little resemblance to those of a few years ago. Manual paperwork has largely given way to a paperless environment, facilitated by the electronic management of customs and trade transactions through the utilization of information and communication technology.

While the role of a customs broker traditionally entailed manually handling import and export formalities on behalf of clients and obtaining customs authorities' endorsements on various documents, a customs service provider, operating as a professional within the customs chain, ensures the seamless and efficient management of their clients' customs processes. They closely monitor the latest developments in customs law and contribute to the development of effective solutions that facilitate digital communication with customs authorities.

Our team, comprising software engineers, legal experts, and seasoned customs professionals with extensive experience in the customs landscape, is dedicated to providing you with comprehensive assistance!