Customs services

The operations and actions that must be taken to comply with customs, excise and / or VAT legislation are subject to a constant and increasingly rapid change process with regard to both content and technology.

Customs formalities therefore look completely different today than they did a few years ago. Manual paperwork has now been almost completely replaced by a paperless environment for the electronic handling of customs and commercial transactions through the use of information and communication technology.

Whereas the task of a customs broker as an intermediary in the physical movement of goods traditionally included the completion on behalf of his customer of import and export formalities by hand and to have the customs authorities stamp all kinds of documents, a customs service provider, a professional in the customs chain, ensures that his customer's customs processes run smoothly and rationally, he closely follows the latest developments in customs law and helps to build efficient solutions that ensure digital communication with customs authorities.

Our team of software engineers, legal experts and customs specialists with years of experience in the world of customs are at your service!